The Only TOEFL Vocabulary You Actually NEED To Know

I have stated numerous times in my group and private sessionsand have also stated in various blog posts — that One does not need to study Vocabulary for The TOEFL iBT Exam.  And this is still true…  However, there is a certain amount of Vocabulary that One absolutely NEEDS to know, to be able to successfully navigate his or her way through The Exam, and to be able to do well on all of the different sections of The Exam.

Further-more this Vocabulary has nothing to do with the different topics that will be presented in the Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing Sections.  Instead — the Vocabulary I’m referring to is the Functional Vocabulary which is needed in-order-to comprehend the directions of the different tasks; the Vocabulary which is that of a person who has, at at-least, an Intermediate Level of English Skills (B1, B2 Level), in-order-to fulfill the Speaking and Writing tasks.

All words in the lists below are linked to its entry on The Pronunciation Portal Of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! — And there, each word is linked to its entry on…  (the only on-line dictionary that I recommend.)


(Not every word in the lists will actually be found within The Exam — but they MAY appear In The Directions, The Questions, The Reading Passages, or The Audio Files, as they are of a level of vocabulary which is expected that you will already know before entering an English Speaking University.)


(More Words Will Be Added As Necessary)

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