Uganda TOEFL Testing Dates And Locations

Uganda TOEFL Testing Dates And Locations - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!Below are the Uganda TOEFL Testing Dates and Locations for the cities that will be hosting the iBT version of the TOEFL Exam.

The dates and locations listed here are as presented on the ETS website    The information here is updated according to the information presented by ETS    Dates and Locations are subject to change…  Please check back frequently.


**GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! is in no way officially affiliated with ETS**
(I just really like their exam and love helping people pass it.)



Sat. – Mar 7, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Mar 14, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Mar 28, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Apr 11, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Apr 18, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – May 16, 2020 – Closed
Sun. – May 24, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – May 30, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Jun 13, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Jun 20, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Jul 4, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Jul 11, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Jul 18, 2020 – Closed
Sun. – Aug 2, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Aug 8, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Aug 22, 2020 – Closed
Sun. – Sep 6, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Sep 12, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Sep 19, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Sep 26, 2020 – Closed
Sat. – Oct 10, 2020
Sat. – Oct 17, 2020
Sat. – Oct 24, 2020
Sat. – Oct 31, 2020
Sat. – Nov 7, 2020
Sat. – Nov 14, 2020
Sat. – Nov 21, 2020
Sun. – Nov 29, 2020
Sat. – Dec 5, 2020
Sat. – Dec 12, 2020
Sat. – Dec 19, 2020
Sun. – Dec 20, 2020
Sat. – Jan 9, 2021


All Test Dates and Locations are current as of September 2nd, 2020.  This information is updated as further dates are made available.


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  1. Dear Teacher,

    I am writing from South Sudan, as I learnt that TOEFL courses are not longer sustained in my country; I would like to take an alternative nearest centres like Uganda or Kenya to do it if possible in April 2020.

    Best regards.

  2. Hello Francisca,

    Thank you for the message.

    The answer to your question can be found on this page:

    As for the fee – the price of the exam in Uganda is: $180 (US Dollars) – which you should be able to pay in your country’s currency if you register directly at the testing center.

    I hope that helps.

    Have An Excellent Day

  3. Hi. If I’m interested in doing the in- class TEFL course in Uganda. Where can I get it done within Kampala and at what fee? Thanks.

  4. Hello,
    I need the details on how to set up a TOEFL Center. I work at Makerere University, College of Computing and Information Sciences.

  5. Hello Gimei,

    Thanks for the message.

    I think that the best way I can answer your questions is to direct you to these blog posts. They cover a lot of your questions and will also answer any other questions which may come up.

    As for the price of the exam in your country, it is $180 US – which can be paid in your local currency if you register at the testing center in your area. This is all explained in one of the blog posts.

    As for studying for the exam, it is very common that the testing centers have a classes on TOEFL preparation, so you can ask them.

    I hope that this helps.

    Have An Excellent Day

  6. Hi,
    Am asking, how does this workout, is there a place like where I study before the sitting.
    I don’t know the mode of study and how much I can pay for the exam.
    Advise me if I need to have a certificate by 1 Feb 2018

  7. Hello Marvin,

    As for the exam fees: the prices as of October 27th, 2017 are $180 US, which you should be able to pay in your local currency if you register at the testing center, which is what I highly recommend. I have heard too many stories of people having problems with registering on-line.

    These Blog Posts will give you some useful information about the test and the process of registering:

    I hope that this helps.

    Have An Excellent Day

  8. Hi there, please kindly advise on the current standard fees for the TOEFL test and registration procedure. Thank you

  9. Greetings Eva,

    Thank you for the messages.

    You can find information about the different testing centers by clicking the link above which says:

    To Find The Testing Center In Your Area, Click Here

    Or you can just click this link:

    I hope that helps. Let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with. I am always happy to help when I am able.

    Have An Excellent Day,

    “The Teacher”

  10. Dear sir/madam,
    I am in Kampala and would like to visit the examination center for more information.Would you please provide me with the adress. That would be very helpful.Thank you.


  11. I am in Kampala now and would like to visit the examination center for more information.Would you please direct me.

    Thank you

  12. Greetings Abdullah,

    Thank you for the message.

    First of all, I have to say that I am not in any way affiliated with the organization which created and administers the exam – nor am I affiliated with any of the testing centers – so it is not “me” who would be offering the exam.

    However, it is only the internet-based exam which is available in Uganda, and the only other version (The paper-based version) does not have a lot of support anywhere in the world, and it seems that it is being phased out throughout the world.

    Having said all of that, the internet-based version is the better version anyways.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with. I am always happy to help when I am able.

    Have An Excellent Day,

    “The Teacher”

  13. Hello Gaby,

    Thank you for the message.

    First of all, I have added a page that lists this information, as no one else seems to be doing this anywhere on-line. You can access this page here:

    Otherwise you can also access the same page by clicking on the link above, which says,

    “To Find The Testing Center In Your Area, Click Here”

    Additionally – In English, it is customary – when asking for help, information, or services – to use some form of polite phrase like, “Could you please…?” and then follow it up with a “Thank You”.

    This makes it a lot more pleasant for the person being asked for help. This is especially true when the information, service, or help is being provided for free and it is not in any way the person’s obligation to do so.

    This will also be of utmost importance in any University-type situation and, of course, life in general.

    I hope that helps.

    Have An Excellent Day!

  14. Greetings Wakholi,

    Thank you for the message.

    My apologies for not returning your message much sooner. I have just updated the Dates and Locations. I hope the information will be helpful for you.

    Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with. I am always happy to help if I can.

    Have An Excellent Day

  15. Hello Kawooya,

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately I am not affiliated with ETS in any way so I have no ability to help you with this situation.

    This website here ( is privately owned and I have created this for the sole purpose of helping people with information about the exam and with private TOEFL Preparation.

    As I am not now an employee, partner, or affiliate of ETS – nor have I ever been in the past – I do not know anything about the registration website or how their internal systems work. All I can suggest is to contact the people there and try to get them to assist you further.

    I wish I could help you more with this situation, but any advice that I could give on this matter, would only be speculation on my part, and I certainly do not want to give you information which is either not helpful or could cause problems for either you or myself by telling you something which is not true.

    If you manage to get in touch with someone who can help you, please let me know so that if anyone else has a similar problem, I can pass that contact information on to them.

    Good luck with everything.

    Have An Excellent Day,

    C. James Cote’

  16. Kindly help me activate my TOEFL log in account. I earlier tried to apply for the online exam in 2014, but was unable to complete the application, for I had no VISA CARD with which to pay on line at that time. I have now received one and would like to sit for the exam of Sun 25 January 2015 but the system already indicates that my details were already registered but it can’t enable me to complete the application. Please help me overcome this challenge, i urgently need this test and i have been practicing for it with materials obtained from the Information Resource Center at the American Embassy Gaba Road Kampala.

    I also contacted the TOEFL help line number +16097717100 and the gentleman told me its ok but I am unable to complete the test application. Help me please.

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