TOEFL Testing Centers In Spain

Below are the TOEFL Testing Centers in Spain.  Please note, that not all of the testing centers will actually be having exams on the dates that are listed.  The dates and locations are determined by ETS (the creators of The TOEFL Exam.)  The information listed below is here for your convenience as ETS does not make this information very easy for test-takers to obtain.  I make it available here for your convenience.

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Therefore… I have no control over the testing dates, locations, or anything to do with the registration process.  Nor do I have any control over the specific information available on each date and/or location as provided by ETS.  I am simply the one who is providing this information for you in a way that is convenient for you to access.

Also… please be aware that compiling this information and keeping it updated is an amazingly time-consuming task, of-which I do for free because I think that it’s really lame that ETS makes it so difficult for potential test-takers to actually get this information.  And it seems that many of the TOEFL Testing Centers throughout the world have not yet learned how to, create websites which are able to be found by the potential test-takers.

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London Thames Language Services
Real 20 Bajo
Almeria 4001 – Spain



Barcelona, Spain
Go English Communication S.L. (RTS) Madrazo, 27-29, 4º, 1ª
Barcelona 08006 – Spain


ITTS Barcelona (c/o Meeting Point Languages)
Carre de Violant dHongria Reina dArago 99-101
Barcelona 08034 – Spain


Real Training Solutions – Barcelona
Go English C/ Madrazo 27-29 4ª planta
Barcelona 08006 – Spain



Capital Languages
Arbidea 13, 48004 Bilbao, Spain
Bilboa 48004 – Spain


Canary Islands

The American School of Las Palmas
Carreteria e Los Hoyos KM 17, Tafira Las Palmas
Grand Canaria Canary Islands
Las Palmas 35017 – Spain


Cartagena, Spain

(No Testing Centers Listed For This Location At This Time – Check Back Soon!)


Cordoba, Andalusia

Plaza Cardenal Salazar, 3 Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Cordoba 14071 – Spain



PF Centro de Formacion Profesional Superior, S.L
Calle Santa Teresa de Jesus 1 Bajo Asturias
Gijon 33208 – Spain



Centro de Lenguas Modernas University of Granada
Placeta del Hospicio Viejo s/n
Granada 18009 – Spain


Eder Formación S.L. – Bludi N.T.
Calle Bruselas 38, (Pasaje)
Granada 18008 – Spain



ESIC Idiomas – Madrid
Av. Valdenigrales s/n
Pozuelo De Alarcon 28223 – Spain


Capman Testing Solutions
Calle Orense, 68, 13th Floor C.P. 28020
Madrid 28020 – Spain


ITTS Madrid (c/o BAI, Escuela de Empresa y Comunicacion)
C/ Juan Hurtado de Mendoza, 4
Madrid 28036 – Spain


Madrid, Spain
Go English Communication S.L.
7th Floor Avenida de Filipinas 1 Bis
Madrid 28003 – Spain


Universidad CEU San Pablo
Centro de idiomas, Universidad CEU San Pablo, Julián Romea, 20
Madrid 28003 – Spain


Marbella, Malaga

ESIC Business and Marketing School
Severo Ochoa 49, Parque Tecnológico de Andalucia
Malaga 29590 – Spain



YORK Idiomas
Muñoz Degraín, 9 bajo
Oviedo 33007 – Spain



CNA Palmas
104 Norte Rua NE-03 Numero 04
Palmas 770006-018 – Spain


Pamplona Navarra

Universidad Publica de Navarra
Centro Superior de Idiomas Campus de Arrosadia – Edificio el Sario (modulo 3) Edificio El Sario
Pamplona 31006 – Spain


Academia Georgetown
Calle Iturrama 8, Entreplanta B
Pamplona 31007 – Spain



inlingua Palma de Mallorca
Calle 31 de Diciembre 7, 2
Palma De Mallorca 7003 – Spain



Universidad de Salamanca
Aula de Informatica Facultad de Traduccion Calle Francisco Vitoria
6-16 Universidad de Salamanca
Salamanca 37008 – Spain


Universidad de Salamanca
Edificio Juan del Enzina
Plaza de Anaya Universidad de Salamanca
Salamanca 37008 – Spain


Santiago De Compostela

Centro De Linguas – Unversity of Vigo
Facultade de Filoloxia e Traducion Campus as Lagoas-Marcosende Escola d Enxenaria de Telecomunicacion Room T215 Rua Maxwell
Vigo E-36310 – Spain



ESIC Idiomas  Seville
Avda, Carlos III s\n Anadalusia EDIFICIO DE LA PRENSA
Sevilla 41092 – Spain


ITTS Seville (c/o Instituto Laboral)
Torneo Parque Empresarial, c/ Arquitectura, 3, Torre 7, Offices 8,9,10 (9th floor)
Seville 41015 – Spain



Aula Campus
Campus Paseo del Rajolar, s/n
Burjassot 46100 – Spain


Centro de Lenguas Universidad Politecnica de Valen
Centro de Lenguas
Edificio 4P, Lab 1
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Camino de Vera, 14
Valencia 46022 – Spain


ESIC Idiomas – Valencia
Av./ Blasco Ibáñez, 55
Valencia 46021 – Spain


Centro de Estudios Norteamericano
Centro de Estudios Norteamericanos
C/Aparisi y Guijarro, 5 PTA 1A Valencia Spain 46003
Valencia – Spain



ESIC Idiomas – Zaragoza
28-34, Via Ibérica
Zaragoza 50012 – Spain


(no further contact information available at this time)



( TOEFL Testing Centers In Spain )




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