TOEFL Testing Centers In Pakistan

Below are the TOEFL Testing Centers in Pakistan.  Please note, that not all of the testing centers will actually be having exams on the dates that are listed.  The dates and locations are determined by ETS (the creators of The TOEFL Exam.)  The information listed below is here for your convenience as ETS does not make this information very easy for test-takers to obtain.  I make it available here for your convenience.

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Therefore… I have no control over the testing dates, locations, or anything to do with the registration process.  Nor do I have any control over the specific information available on each date and/or location as provided by ETS.  I am simply the one who is providing this information for you in a way that is convenient for you to access.

Also… please be aware that compiling this information and keeping it updated is an amazingly time-consuming task, of-which I do for free because I think that it’s really lame that ETS makes it so difficult for potential test-takers to actually get this information.  And it seems that many of the TOEFL Testing Centers throughout the world have not yet learned how to, create websites which are able to be found by the potential test-takers.

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Vigeo International 125-A
Small D-Ground Peoples Colony No. 1
Telephone: 92 41 8531155/8555545
Faisalabad – Pakistan



Islamabad, Pakistan #8782
Prometric Testing Center, Islamabad
House #5
Street #17
F- 6/2,
Ialamabad 44000 – Pakistan


U. S. Educational Foundation in Pakistan
H. 5, Street 17, F-6/2
(Please Bring Passport – Required for Testing)
Islamabad 44000 – Pakistan



Institute of Career Development
FL 4/10, Block 5, Gulshen-e-Iqbal Main Rashid Minhas Road
(Please Bring Passport – Required for Testing)
Karachi 74000 – Pakistan


Karachi, Pakistan #8781
Prometric Testing Center Karachi
H#F-47/1 Park Lane
Block#5, K.D.A Scheme#5 Kehkhashan, Clifton
Karachi 0 – Pakistan


US Educational Foundation in Pakistan
House F-47, Park Lane, Block # 5 K.D.A Scheme # 5, Clifton
(Please Bring Passport – Required for Testing)
Karachi 76500 – Pakistan



Institute of Career Development
ICD House 107 Mamdot Block Mustafa Town Wahdet Road
(Please Bring Passport – Required for Testing)
Lahore 54600 – Pakistan


Lahore, Pakistan #8783
Prometric Testing Center Lahore
Inside F.C. (Forman Christian) College
(Near Staff Colony, Gulberg)
Lahore – Pakistan


U.S. Educational Foundation in Pakistan – Lahore
Prometric Testing Center Inside F.C. (Forman Christian) College
(Near Staff Colony, Gulberg)
(Please Bring Passport – Required for Testing)
Lahore 54000 – Pakistan



Euro Consultants
34\D-3, Old Jamrud Road University Town
Peshawar 25000 – Pakistan

(no further contact information available)


( TOEFL Testing Centers In Pakistan )






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