Congo TOEFL Testing Dates And Locations

Congo-Brazzaville TOEFL Testing Dates And Locations - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!Below are Congo TOEFL Testing Dates and Locations for the cities that will be hosting the iBT version of the TOEFL Exam.

The dates and locations listed here are as presented on the ETS website    The information here is updated according to the information presented by ETS    Dates and Locations are subject to change…  Please check back frequently.


**GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! is in no way officially affiliated with ETS**
(I just really like their exam and love helping people pass it.) 😉



Sat. – Nov 10, 2018 – Closed
Fri. – Nov 16, 2018 – Closed
Fri. – Dec 07, 2018 – Closed
Sat. – Feb 09, 2019 – Closed
Fri. – Apr 05, 2019 – Closed
Sat. – Apr 13, 2019 – Closed
Fri. – May 10, 2019 – Closed
Sat. – May 18, 2019
Sat. – Jun 01, 2019
Fri. – Jul 12, 2019
Sat. – Aug 10, 2019
Sat. – Sep 07, 2019


All Test Dates and Locations are current as of April 9th, 2019.  This information is updated as further dates are made available.


To Register for the TOEFL ibt Exam, Click Here

To Find The TOEFL Testing Center In Your Area, Click Here

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  1. Hello Ndolo,

    I have no idea what an “end date” is. The exam only takes place on one day, so I do not know what “they” could have meant by asking for either a start or end date.

    If you are referring to the registration system on-line, then what I can say about that is: Do not register on-line. There are too many possibilities for complications that only cost you money and are often not remedied.

    My suggestion is to register for the exam directly at the testing center that you will be taking the exam at.

    You can find the testing centers by clicking on the link that says: “To Find The TOEFL Testing Center In Your Area, Click Here”

    I hope that helps.

    Have An Excellent Day

  2. hello! i am Exauce Ndolo a congolese by nationality, i would like to register for a toefl test; but i cant because they ask me an ending date that is not actually available in my country. there is only a starting date. Could you please help me register???

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