TOEFL Testing Dates And Locations For The TOEFL iBT Exam

Below, you will find the TOEFL ibt Testing Dates and Locations for all countries hosting the TOEFL iBT exam in 2021.  Information here is updated regularly according to the dates and locations made available by ETS.

Testing Dates And Locations By Country

Click The Letter Below To See The Available TOEFL Dates And Locations For Each Country

































Registration Fees

Registration fees are in US $ and are subject to change according to the desires of ETS.  Please see the online registration system for all details related to registrations.  This includes, specific addresses of testing locations in each country and city.

Register For The Exam On-Line

Register On-Line for the exam here.  This is the page for the on-line registration through the ETS website.  Here you will also find specific addresses for exam centers.

You need to follow the directions there in order to register.  To do this you need a valid credit card, to know your testing location (the city in which you will take the exam), and to set up an account at the ETS website.

If You Know Your Location

If you know the location at which you will be taking the exam (the city in which you will take the exam) and just need to set up an account, click here.



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  1. Hello Steven,

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to get your results by that time. It takes approx. 7-10 days for the results to be available on-line and then it takes AT LEAST 2 more weeks (but probably more like 3) for the test results to be mailed to the institution that you are having the scores sent to.

    The organization will not send the scores directly to you, and simply printing the scores from the internet will most-likely be not be accepted by any institution.

    My advice for you in this situation is to contact the instituation that you need the scores for (University or other) and explain the situation, and ask them what you should do or how you can proceed.

    Given the current “Crisis”, perhaps they will give you more time, or have some other possibility for you.

    You can also download a PDF course that I created which goes over all the other aspects of taking the TOEFL – besides just taking the test.

    You can Get That Course Here.

    I hope that helps.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Good Luck & Have An Excellent Day!

  2. Dear Teacher,

    As i been informed the first possibility to take a toefl test 13 june in Amsterdam
    i need my results by latest 24/25 of june .
    Which location can you provide me as im living in Antwerp but schools have not given any positive feedback when they will open again. please be so kind to provide me a solution as i have been waiting already since 2 months to get the test.
    Many thanks in advance,


  3. Hello Sandra,

    Thanks for the question.

    It really depends. Registering on-line is the “traditional” way of doing things. And it is a good way to make sure that you will have your spot reserved. It is not possible to just show up and register on testing day. You must be registered well in advance of that. And there is a late fee if you register only a week before.

    The best advice that I can give is that, if you know what testing center you will be taking the exam at, you can ask the people there if it is possible to register with them, instead of registering on-line. But make sure they explain to you how you will be able to access your account on-line so that you can see your scores, and be able to access the other services (like if you need to order more scores to be sent to other institutions during the 2 years that your scores are valid for.)

    If you register on-line, you will set up your own account in the process of registering. So if you want to be in control of that, then that is a good way of doing it. If you want help along the way from an actual human, then talk to the people at the testing center. I’m sure that they will help. (The customer service on the official site is not so great.)

    If you don’t know where the testing centers are, there is a link on this page above that will take you to the page with the names of the testing centers and directions to get to them.

    I hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any other questions. I am always happy to help when I am able.

    Have An Excellent Day!

  4. I'd like to know if i need to register online for the Toelf test taking in person in Maryland US. Thank you !!

    Dear Teacher

  5. Hello Abdoul. My apologies for not responding before. I the website never alerted me to the messages, so I am just finding out about them now.

    If you still need to take the TOEFL exam, please let me know if there is anything that I can help you with.

  6. Hello Abdoul,

    Thank you for the message, and thank you for the compliment.

    However, what you are asking for is virtually impossible.

    First of all, I am not affiliated with the organization that created and administers the exam, so asking me for that is simply something that I can not do.

    Secondly, there are literally millions of people taking the exam every week, and to ask them to give a personal phone call to just one person is something that they would simply not do, even if you were the King of your country.

    But most importantly, you need to register for the exam FAR more than 1 week ahead of time. You need to be getting ready for the exam at least 3 months ahead of time in order to be well prepared.

    I have written some posts on some of the more important things that you should know about the exam, that I think you would benefit from reading.

    Here You Go:

    I hope that helps.

    Good Luck!

  7. Hello,my name is Abdoul Razak from Niger republic,First I really apreciate how this site get improved from time. Then I also wish to take the TOEFL test during this year ,so I wish to be directly contacted by a call just one week before the date of the test by the TOEFL committee members. Thanks

  8. Hello Moreblessing,

    Thanks for the message.

    The TOEFL exam is only held on the weekends, and as there are literally millions of people around the world taking the exam every week, I highly doubt that the organization that created and administers the exam is going to make an exception for one person. However you can try to ask them.

    You can contact them here:

    As for resources, I imaging that you are referring to TOEFL preparation material. The best bet is to search for TOEFL preparation course-books on-line, as I have not finished creating my training course. However, if you would like to schedule one-on-one sessions with me, please visit this link:

    Have An Excellent Day

  9. Hello Good day,

    My name is Moreblessing Muzava a citizen of Zimbabwe who wish to take the TOEFL English Test before end of year 2018. I checked with my country for possible dates and I realized that all exams are scheduled on weekends of which due to reasons beyond my control it’s impossible for me to be available on all those dates. So I just want to know if it is possible the examination board to have some Tests scheduled on weekdays also.
    And I also want to know where I can find resource materials to use in examination preparations and revisions.

    Kind regards

  10. Hello Kham,

    First of all, taking the exam on January 8th does not give you much time to prepare, but if you are confident that you are ready, then just click the letter above that is the first letter for whatever country you are in.

    Once you see the link for your country, you will find the dates and locations.

    These directions are clearly written at the top of this page.

    Have An Excellent Day

  11. Hello Phil,

    Thanks for the message. I assume by saying “quotation” you are referring to the price of the exam. As of October 27th, 2017 the price of the exam in your country is $180 US, which you should be able to pay in your local currency if you register directly at the testing center, which is what I highly recommend as the registration process on-line is far too complicated and the customer service is greatly lacking in the “service” area.

    You can get information about dates and testing centers here:

    Gabon TOEFL Testing Dates and Locations


    TOEFL Testing Centers In Gabon

    Then, these blog posts will give you some very valuable information that will help you get started on your path:

    I hope that this helps.

    Have An Excellent Day

  12. Hey good day I am an international student from Gabon who want to pass my TOEFL exam before the end of this year please can you give me information about including quotation.I am currently living in cape town( Claremont) I will need at least 4 to 5 weeks preparation. Thank you
    I will be available for any others informations

  13. Hello Verdain,

    There are links to do that on virtually every page on this site, including the one that you are commenting on.

    But if you want to do it the smart way, you should read these blog posts first:

    I hope that helps!

  14. Dear there,
    I want to take TOEFL Exam in June schedule at Addis Ababa.
    How can I get registered?

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  18. Greetings Chhoy,

    Thanks for the message.

    That’s great that you want to learn. I’m not sure exactly how to respond because you are expressing a wish that covers a huge area. But you are definitely in the right place.

    I would suggest going to the main portal for GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!:

    There you will see links to lots of different areas of English that are covered on the various sites that I have created. This site is only one of them.

    I also highly suggest subscribing to the blog at:

    You can subscribe by entering your email in the top right-hand corner under the green box that says “More”

    If there is anything more specific that I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Have An Excellent Day!

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