TOEFL Testing Centers In New Zealand

[sociallocker] Below are the TOEFL Testing Centers in New Zealand.  Please note, that not all of the testing centers will actually be having exams on the dates that are listed (stupid right?  I know).  The dates and locations are determined by ETS (the creators of The TOEFL Exam.)  The information listed below is here for your convenience as ETS does not make this information very easy for test-takers to obtain.  In fact, it’s not even very easy for a native speaker of English to navigate their website.

Be Advised…


GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! is in no way affiliated with ETS

or any of the official TOEFL Testing Centers throughout the world…


Therefore… I have no control over the testing dates, locations, or anything to do with the registration process.  Nor do I have any control over the specific information available on each date and/or location as provided by ETS.  I am simply the one who is providing this information to you for nothing more than a “like”, a “share” or a “+1” on your favorite social-media site.

Also… please be aware that compiling this information and keeping it updated is an amazingly time-consuming task, of which I do for free because I think that it’s really lame that ETS makes it so difficult for potential test-takers to actually get this information.  And it seems that many of the TOEFL Testing Centers throughout the world have not yet learned how to, create websites which are able to be found by the potential test-takers.

Because of this…  please understand that making demands, regarding this information that I provide (rather than asking politely) is quite rude and very dis-heartening – and, that a simple message of “thank you” for providing this information, would really make my day 😉

Have An Excellent Day!


AimHigh School
9F Apollo Drive Mairangi Bay North Shore City
Auckland – New Zealand


*Auckland, New Zealand
St George Institute of Learning
Acrossia House Level 15
155 Queen Street Auckland City
Auckland 1010 – New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand
Aukland Institute Of Studies
3rd Floor, 28a Linwood Avenue
Mount Albert, Aukland 1025 – New Zealand


*Language Studies International (NZ) Ltd
Level 3 10-12 Scotia Place
Auckland – New Zealand


Level 1
Tower C 21 Federal Street
Auckland 1010 – New Zealand




*University of Otago Language Centre
University Plaza 130 Anzac Ave
Dunedin 9016 – New Zealand



Palmerston North

University College Of Learning
Corner of King and Princess Streets
Palmerston North 4442 – New Zealand


(no further contact information available)


* Testing centers marked with an asterisk may not be a current testing center, as they are not currently listed on the official website (as of June 6th, 2018)




( TOEFL Testing Centers In New Zealand )[/sociallocker]


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  1. Hello Theresa,

    I can not answer that question as I have nothing to do with the foreign affairs of New Zealand. You will have to speak with a lawyer, or with whatever foreign affairs office handles residency in that country.

    Have An Excellent Day

  2. Hi there

    Just want to find out regarding if this test is valid to apply for residency in New Zealand.



  3. Hello Richard,

    Thank you for the message.

    I do not have any information about St. George on either the “Dates & Locations” page, or the “Testing Centers” page. Can you tell me what you mean by your message?

    Thank You.

    Have An Excellent Day

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