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This is an on-going collection of Free TOEFL materials and information that can be found throughout the Internet and within various text-books.  Only here, it is all in one place.


This collection includes much of the information that is given by the official website for the organization that created and administers the exam, only here, it is much easier to find (their website is a bit confusing to navigate.)

If you are looking for some bit of information that you do not find here, please let me know in the comments below.  It is very possible that the information is in one of the paid versions of The “TOEFL Excellence” Training Courses (coming soon!) – or if it is something that should be here, I will certainly add it.

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Free Stuff From GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

This section (as all the others) will definitely be a growing collection of items, but most of them will be in the form of blog posts that are written about The TOEFL iBT Exam, and examples of exercise that I have done with my students who agreed to let me share with everyone else.

A Good Place To Start…

Blog Posts:

  • The TOEFL Excellence Blog  This is the WordPress Blog that has been set up specifically to give up-dates about the exam and the up-coming training course.  In addition to this, it also has links to all of the blog posts related to the exam, from the blog listed below.



Other Helpful Resources:

  • TOEFL Vocabulary  Yes, that’s right – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  “You do NOT need to learn huge lists of vocabulary in preparation for the TOEFL Exam!!!”  But this list is prepared, not for you to memorize and try to incorporate into your own vocabulary (that would be ridiculous), but to check if you already have the vocabulary skills that you will need for the Exam.  The words on this list are words that will be in the directions of the exam, or IF they are in any of the listening or reading parts, it will be assumed that you know them already.  If there are any words on this list that you do not know – click the link and learn them…  including their pronunciation  (All words are linked to their entry on The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – Pronunciation Portal, and every word there is linked to its page on




The TOEFL Exam Over-view

Overview Of The Whole Exam:

  • The TOEFL Exam Overview…  Listing all of the section in the exam with descriptions of, not only the lay-out of the exam, but also some of the philosophy behind the exam as well.


Overview Of The Reading Section:


Overview Of The Listening Section:


Overview Of The Speaking Section:


Overview Of The Writing Section:


Free Stuff From ETS

(the creators and administrators of the exam)

All of the stuff you will find here, can be found at the ETS website, but good luck finding exactly what you need without first getting lost in a maze of links, and links, and more links that do not take you – in any logical way – to the information that you are looking for.  Instead you will feel like you are in one of those movies where every door you go through only takes you back into the same room you were just in a moment ago!!!

Well… I have navigated the waste-land of material for you, and posted links directly to all of that which is useful to you (because I can’t simply copy and post it here due to copyright laws…  besides, they way I present it is more fun anyway.) All other information on their website is either useless to you as a test-taker or can be found elsewhere on this site… in a more logical way.



TOEFL iBT Interactive Sampler
TOEFL iBT Quick Prep
TOEFL iBT Test Prep Planner
TOEFL iBT Test Questions
TOEFL iBT Grading Rubrics



  • Welcome To The TOEFL iBT ™ Testing Site…  A video about what a test-taker can expect when arriving at the Testing Center on the day of the Exam.  The elements of the video are very good as far as the various procedures of the actual exam-day, but the actual testing centers can be VERY different than the one in the video.  (For example:  Don’t expect there to actually be lockers to store your things, or a receptionist with her own desk in a quiet lobby.  On the contrary it could be very chaotic with all of the test-takers arriving late and all wanting to check in at the same time with one receptionist who looks like her (or his) head is about to explode from all the noise and chaos…  there-fore, arrive early…  and I don’t mean 10 minutes early…  that is basically the same as arriving late.)


Other Stuff That Might Be Useful…

  • TOEFL Preparation Materials…  This is the page that lists some of the preparation materials that ETS Sells.  And they are not bad, but they do not teach you any of the “tricks” on how to fulfill each task, and the certainly do not show you any of the traps which are set up throughout the exam…  those are the areas that cause people with very good English skills to get NOT very good TOEFL scores.

(The Free preparation materials listed on this page are in the links above for “Down-Loads”)


Other Helpful Resources

  • Note-Taking Skills…  Everyone has their own method of taking notes, and the way that one needs to take notes for the TOEFL Exam will be a bit different than that same person might in an actual lecture or class-room setting.  This will be covered in the various TOEFL Excellence Training Courses, however, you need to learn general note-taking skills – simply think that you could use a little practice, then try this course.  It is part of a larger course on Study-Skills (below), and both may prove beneficial to you.
  • Touch-Typing Training…  One of the most important skills that you will also need (besides knowledge and proper usage of English) is…  Typing.  This is not something that can be learned from a text-book and is often-times simply assumed that the test-taker may already know how to do this.  But in case that you need to learn how – simply follow This Link, and start practicing your typing skills.


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